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Scratch Coat Rendering

Are you looking for a high-quality render to be applied outside your home? If so, you are in the right place. Our team at Rendco External Rendering has been offering the best rendering services for over 20 years. So if you have been searching for external wall rendering services that are second to none, we are the company for you!

The external walls on your property will always benefit from scratch coat render as it works to insulate your home, going hand in hand with cavity wall insulation to reduce your energy bills. Scratch coat rendering is a great way to make your home look great without breaking the bank.

Scratch coat rendering, may not be your first consideration for rendering your home, but we do have alternative options on hand such as; Tyrolean render, polymer render, coloured render, and lime renders, all you need to do is get in touch with our team for more advice. We will always recommend scratch coat rendering for your property!

What Is Scratch Coat Render?

Scratch coat is the term that refers to the layer of plaster or mortar on the external wall before we apply the finish coat to the wall surface. The idea behind scratch coat rendering is to provide a level surface for the final finishing coat to adhere to.

Scratch coat can be made from a range of different mixes such as portland cement and lime mortar; mixed with a cement mixer, we can make a scratch coat that is smooth and applied with a smoother texture than other renders.

For further information on scratch coat rendering, give our team a call today, and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Our team are always more than happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote or for advice and guidance on how to render can benefit your property.

Why Choose Scratch Coat Render?

  • Long-Lasting

  • Durable

  • Fast Drying

  • It can be used inside or outside

  • It is porous, allowing the material beneath to breathe

Why Rendco External Rendering?

  • Experienced

  • Professional

  • Reliable

  • Competitively Priced

  • We cover Middlesbrough and the whole of the North East


Why Choose Scratch Coat Cement Render?

When it comes to scratch coat rendering, it is chosen over other rendering options because it is an easy process. The scratch coat render is applied in layers to provide a very secure and safe render. Generally, it is used on masonry properties, our team can apply it using a machine for quick application.

Compared to the vast amount of other renders on the market, the principle of base coat rendering protects your home and makes for a much more robust application of rendering work. Making it ideal for masonry surfaces as it can help seal any cracks in the brickwork; not only that, but it is a highly resistant material, meaning it is much less likely to crack!

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